About Us

Who we are

STATBOOST is a technical apparel company for training, gaming, and everything in between. We exist to create the tools that inspire you to level up and to unleash your full potential.


Our Story

The daily grind sucks.  Why is it that we can spend hours on end leveling our in-game character but can't spend 10 minutes to do something that can add value to our lives? Our answer was simple, real life sucks. We need to do a lot of things that we generally don't like doing, so we escape into the virtual world to forget about our responsibilities. In this virtual world, we're able to do essentially anything we want. If we wanted to be a warrior, we can build the character to be a warrior. If we wanted to be an archer, we can build the character to be a archer. If you wanted to bake a cake or tame animals, you can. Then we thought, what if people treated life as a game? This is when STATBOOST was born. STATBOOST is a guild of adventures brave enough to chase their passions, level up their craft, and take on the game of life.  

Our Vision and Mission

Our end game is not what unites us, it's the journey we take and hardship we share that brings us together and pushes us forward. Our mission at STATBOOST is to unite, inspire, and elevate gamers* to the next level. We strive to be the brand that ignites the passion in every gamers* heart and inspires them to be who they want to be, not who they're supposed to be. 

GAMER*: Anyone who partakes the game of life is a gamer.

Our Values

Our values are what makes us who we are. They are also the key elements in all of our designs.

Freedom: You're the main character of your story. You have the ability to build yourself the way you want to build yourself and become the person you want to be.

Passion: Life is meant to be fun. We believe that doing what you love is the greatest joy in life.

Diligence: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are you. Leveling up and breaking limits takes time, effort, and perseverance. 

Community: We're all playing this game together. We should help those around us and become a better version of themselves. 

Our Process

All of our products are designed in the United States. Each element is carefully chosen from the material used, down to the stitching. We go through many iterations before we get the ideal product that we get produced in our factories located outside of the United States. We work closely with our team in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Pakistan to ensure that all items are produced correctly. We are constantly refining our production process, product offerings, and making improvements to provide the best possible collections.